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Preventative Maintenance Plan

Ensuring the Maximum Service Life for Your Investment!

Power outages are becoming more common these days. Our demand for more power is ever increasing – homes are getting larger, and neighborhoods are developing faster. But the electric grid is not growing to handle the increasing demand.

You own a generator system because you recognize your need for dependable power. You rely on it to run in all kinds of weather conditions.

Just like an automobile, your generator requires routine maintenance, to ensure that it is reliable and ready to go.

Not unlike your local power grid, a generator that is not properly maintained is unreliable. If your generator is not ready when you need it, you could find yourself in the dark.

McCormick Electrical Provides Factory Certified Maintenance for

  • Kohler
  • Guardian
  • Dayton
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Eaton
  • QuietSource
  • Generac
  • Winco
  • GE
  • Cummins

Maintenance Level Options

SUPER VALUE – GM 10: Same as GM1—Semi-annual generator maintenance.  10 years included.  Also includes 2 Free Batteries in 10-year time period.

BEST VALUE – GM 5: Same as GM1—Semi-annual generator maintenance. 5 years included. Also includes 1 Free Battery in 5-year time period.

BETTER VALUE – GM 3: Same as GM1—Semi-annual generator maintenance. Same as above, 3 years included.

GOOD VALUE – GM 1: Semi-annual generator maintenance. This includes, but is not limited to removal of debris in and around generator and checking of: battery voltages when running and off, stored warning codes, wire insulation condition, wiring connections, air cleaner, engine mounting bolts, alternator belt tightness, check for oil and coolant leaks, spark plugs, engine oil, low oil, pressure switch, exhaust and fuel pipe connections, output voltage and frequency, perform battery load test, change oil filter, and warm up and running of generator.

Call McCormick Electrical today for pricing and more information at (574) 656-3500 or download our Generator Maintenance Plan!