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Outlets & Switches

Professional Outlet and Switch Repair & Replacement

Outlet repair and replacement are commonly requested services in our industry. There are several reasons why a home or business owner may need an electrician to check their outlets. You may be looking to replace your old outlets because they can’t hold a plug in place, or they’re not working at all!

Outlet & Switch Safety

Often people think that replacing an electrical outlet is a simple, DIY project. This can be a dangerous assumption, especially if the person is not well versed and comfortable working with electrical wiring. If you are not trained to work with electricity, hire an electrician. McCormick Electrical will help you complete the task, safely and professionally.

Signs that it’s time to call McCormick:

  • The outlet or switch is no longer in function
  • The faceplate of the outlet is warm to hot
  • There is often a spark when using the plug
  • The outlet won’t hold a plug in
  • The breakers trip when using that specific outlet
  • The GFCI test you conducted failed
  • There is a strange rotten egg smell near your outlets

If your outlet or switch is experiencing any of the above symptoms, ring McCormick for an inspection or service appointment.

Dimmers and Lighting Control

We also carry some a large variety of switches and lighting control options, including dual dimmer switches. Not sure which dimmer is best for your home? McCormick can walk you through many dimmer and lighting control options that can complement any space. Add functionality, ambiance, and convenience to your home with professional dimmer installation by McCormick.

At McCormick Electrical, we offer professional outlet and switch repair and replacement in the North Central Indiana area. We’re a trusted, on-time, customer-first company that’s been family-owned since 1999. Have a question about our services? Need electrical advice? Email us at

Have an out of date, worn out electrical outlet? At McCormick Electrical, we can update your outlets and switches with professional care. Call us at (574) 656-3500 or schedule service online!